Had A Wonderful Trip To Malibu Beach

Prepped the supplies.

We went in a Ford RV.

Four of us.

Nice RV, unfortunately, it drove like a boat.

It was tiring keeping it in the center of our lane.

Found out, RV’s use a lot of gas, I wonder if diesel is better?

It was somewhat noisy?

We’re from Arizona, the Phoenix area.

We topped off the Ford and headed to Cali. Via I-10

Stopped in Quartzsite, Az looked a bit, pit stop, fueled up.

Continued west.

Our next stop was at a Chevron gas station next to, The General George S. Patton Memorial Museum, in Chiriaco Summit, California. The gas station has no restrooms. For that, you have to walk across into a cute restaurant, that we would’ve liked to have been able to eat there, but had to stay on route and deadline, chucks. Again, fueled up, since we quickly found out that this RV was not economical and we didn’t want to run out of gas, being RV rookies.

We continued toward the ocean. Our next stop was at the dinosaur place. We had just seen the famous white windmill farms next to the I-10. Cabazon Dinosaurs was closed for us, but it was cool to see the giants. Maybe a fun place during open hours.

I know we stopped somewhere else before Malibu, but I can’t remember. After forgotten place, we arrived at Malibu R.V. Park.

Jerusalem Chricket

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