During Warm To Hot Weather

Plenty of fluids is recommended to be taken. During hikes, walking, jogging, treks, pedestrian activities, or being a tourist. We can carry water bottles or gallons of our favorite fluids. But sometimes we need our hands to do other things than hold our drinks.

walking. 15 mins to an hour is recommended
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We can carry our fluids behind us, or by our waists.

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Pedal twenty five miles minimum a week.

place unknown, but beautiful.

When in Phoenix, AZ. Small hikes can be had at Piestewa Peak, Echo Canyon Trail, Cholla Trail, North Mountain Park, and Tempe Butte in Tempe, AZ to name a few.

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We need to hydrate when doing backyard, front yard, volunteering to clean up a shoulder of a street, a park, a lake, someone’s private property that needs a hand.

Being a tourist taking pictures, walking blocks and blocks, passing alleys, subways, bridges, ruins, beaches, and light rails, can be thirsty.

We need sixty-four ounces minimum of water, coffee counts somewhat, but not the caffeine. Vitamin C, apple juice, cranberry water/juice, pineapple juice, cucumber water, some alkaline. Never stop drinking water, as long as you have it.

Make Red Beer

items needed

two saucer plates

glass, mug, cup



limes or lemons


red chile powder

clear yellow beer( i’ve done it with bud light, dos x’s, tecate light, corona extra, and modelo



squeeze lime or lemon juice on one saucer plate about six centimeters

sprinkle salt and red chile powder six centimeters on a saucer plate

prepare glass, mug, cup by putting upside down in lemon juice first, then upside down in salt & red chile powder mixture

divide glass, mug, or cup in three parts, add one part clamato, fill the rest with your selected beer. you can sprinkle a little salt & red chile powder in the middle of beverage, squeeze some lime or lemon juice also

how’d you do?

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