Daily Requirements



Take a day to do what you want.

Help a stranger.

Soak up your surroundings. A safe environment.

Take it one day at a time.

Surround yourself with positivity.

Create a dream board.

Ask yourself what you want.

Make realistic goals.

Reward yourself.

Believe in yourself.

Acknowledge your attributes.

Recognize your progress.

Visualize accomplishing your goals.

Celebrate every pound lost.

Be kind to yourself.

Focus on how you feel.

Don’t compare yourself to others.

wake up


two cups of water

make your bed

dirty clothes to the dirty hamper

clean clothes hanged, put away in drawers

120x20 Fiverr Pro

keys, wallet, phone, cap, belt

keep things in the same places to always find

eat one to five bananas

coffee and lunch bag

two cups of water





drive safe

five keys of safe driving

the smith system

get to work on time

work fast, efficiently, productively, safely, effectively, influentially

drink water throughout the work shift

rice cakes, almonds,

do something every day that scares you

help somebody that can never help you back



walk, bike, or jog


meal prep

eat breakfast without checking cell phone

slow down in the evening with one ritual

check your cell phone at designated times

have a morning thing


simply sit and observe sometimes

six-minute meetings

thirty-minute socials

watch movies without distractions

tech detox once a week

task tasks at twenty-minute intervals

use notebook to-do lists


set boundaries

ask for help

give yourself compliments

acknowledge that you’re struggling

perfect doesn’t exist, better does

listen to more talk less

Do a good turn

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