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Frequently clean hands

When coughing & sneezing, cover mouth and nose with elbow or tissue

Throw tissue immediately

Wash hands

Avoid close contact with anyone that has a fever

Avoid close contact with anyone that has a cough

Wash hands BEFORE wearing a mask

Avoid touching the mask, when on, if you do, wash hands again

Use alcohol-based hand rub

Use soap & water

Cover mask & nose with mask

Make sure there are no gaps between your face & mask

Remove the mask from behind

Not from the front

Avoid touching mask

Discard immediately in a closed bin

Wash hands

Replace old mask with a new one as soon as it gets damp

Do not reuse single-use masks

Sick people wear masks

Well people taking care of someone sick with 2019-nCov infection

wear masks


after coughing

after sneezing

when caring for the sick

before food preparation

during food prearation

after you prepare food

before eating

after using the restroom/bathroom

when hands are dirty

after handling animals

after handling animal waste

avoid spitting in public

( shouldn’t be spitting anyways )

seek medical care

if you have a fever


and difficulty breathing

Avoid unprotected contact with sick people

Don’t touch one’s nose, eyes, or mouth

Avoid unprotected contact with farm or wild animals

( so much for looking at the cows )

Avoid travel if you have a fever & a cough

If you become sick when traveling

Inform & get medical attention early

Remember where you’ve been & share

Eat only well cooked food

Avoid contact with sick animals

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