Signs That You Are In An Authentic Love Relationship


You may be wondering if you are truly in a real relationship or not. Certainly, you can notice it inside you, thanks to the intuition that you have innately. But if you have doubts for whatever reason, then we are going to give you some signs so you can know if your relationship is authentic or not.

Plan difficult things together

When planning difficult things together, that is, planning big events like a wedding requires a lot of conversations that you wouldn’t normally have. You will have to really talk about money, you will have to find ways to make your two families happy, and you will have to deal with all the stress of things that will inevitably go wrong.

Many true colors emerge in times like these. Although it is a very happy and pleasant moment in life, your love relationship is authentic if you can really do it and continue with the same spark of love.

When it comforts you

You may get home badly after a long day at work, but if your partner knows how to comfort and give you physical and emotional comfort, then you are certainly in an authentic love relationship.

Lack of empathy is a red flag that is so red it should burn. If your partner doesn’t offer you any kind of emotional support when they’re having a bad day, but they expect it from you, it’s definitely not an authentic love relationship.

Happy and lasting relationships are based on intimacy. This requires constant give and take on the part of both people. Relationships that are based on something less are only directed at the pain.

When you choose the right words in a discussion

If you are looking to be with your partner for the long term, you better have some good conflict resolution skills. A real couple knows that a relationship does not have to end just because some things have to be discussed.

They will listen to you during discussions and will not say things in the heat of the moment that will make the situation worse. Couples who orient themselves and remember, ‘I’m angry, but it’s someone I really love,’ can go through the conflict with more care and consideration. Most of the time, discussions tend to resolve much faster.

When they feel comfortable doing “uncomfortable” things next to you

When your partner does things next to you that you would not do in front of another person, it is clear that you are in an authentic love relationship. When you’re with someone who’s going to be there for you forever, there’s a level of comfort between the two of you that you can’t get with anyone else. Examples of this include using the bathroom with the doors open or passing gas during intimate moments.

Having a strong emotional connection

A couple who are truly in a real love relationship spends time getting to know each other. They are happy to spend moments a day together and talking. There is always more to learn about another person, no matter how long they have been together. When you are curious about each other and spend time each day asking deeper questions, you are creating a strong emotional connection that will help your relationship last for a long time.

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