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Basics Of Roll Off Truck Driving

This will be on ongoing post.

Need a Class A or B Commercial Driver’s License.

Class A highly recommended.

Some roll off trucks are automatic, some roll off trucks are manual.

It is better to know both.

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Aim high in steering. ( look ahead for hazards, dangers, drama, emergencies, etc )

Get the big picture. ( Don’t get surprised by a situation )

Keep your eyes moving. ( focus, don’t reminisce or daydream )

Leave yourself an out ( Keep a space around the vehicle your driving in case of an emergency )

Make sure they see you.

Also known as the Smith System Of Safe Driving.

Phrase that helps you remember this.

” All Good Kids Like Milk “

File:Kenworth Roll-off.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Open driver’s door.

Throw your gear in.

Start by turning on hazard & headlamp lights.

Loosen the hood straps and tilt the hood if conventional.

Walk to the engine oil dipstick if a cab-over.

Check engine oil.

check engine oil, hoses, bolts, belts, nuts, connections, check for leaks

Turn on the truck if everything is okay?

While air builds up in air tanks for brake system, check tire air pressures in all tires, you’re employer will inform you of the necessary air pressure levels or maybe you have already learned what tire sizes need. As you walk around truck, inspect everything’s condition you can see. Belts, bolts, nuts, no cracks, no loose wires, no broken mirrors, d.o.t. tape in place, no fluid leaks, no non working lights,

check air pressure, lug nuts, hub cap, wheel, rim, wheel studs, tire tread

check tire for cracks, air leaks, check for wear & tear

You’ll learn the functions.

Check for no air or hydraulic oil leaks.

When torn. Remove & replace.

It is faster to use the auto-tarper tarp, but the tarp is only tight at the front and at the end. It is best to secure loose coverage of the tarp with tight bungi cords, to hold loose garbage in roll off box.

Tip: Place heavy objects on light weighing, thin, loose garbage that can easily fly out of roll off box.

A shovel. A long reach metal pole.

Some equipment necessary to use once in a while. Stored behind cab in welded on holders to the autotarper’s two towers.

Wire Check

Some roll off box doors are assisted with cotter pins in the door pin. Replace if missing.

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Ability to safely operate a garbage truck on specified routes to collect solid waste.

Waste experience preferred, but not required.

Ability to read route sheets and service each customer identified on the sheet or assigned by the dispatcher.

Perform routine inspection and maintenance on vehicles such as checking fluids, safety equipment, and tires.

Ability to perform a physically demanding job, loading and unloading, at times with no helpers

Operate hydraulic hand controls to lift/load refuse and dispose of trash at designated facilities.

Courteous interaction with our customers and perform other miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.


Extensive physical activity.

Requires strenuous physical work; heavy lifting, pushing, or pulling required of objects over 50 pounds.

Work environment involves some exposure to physical risks such as moving mechanical parts. Which require following basic safety precautions.

The employee is exposed to outside weather, including frequent wet and/or humid conditions, as well as exposure to fumes and vibration. Noise level is usually moderate.


Valid Class B C.D.L. with air brakes endorsement as a minimum.

Ability to read, write, comprehend and communicate in English.

2 years of experience preferred.

Basic knowledge of truck components in order to complete pre

– and post-trip inspections.

Job Summary:

Roll-Off Drivers safely operate a heavy-duty truck and are responsible for preparing, loading, and transporting large mobile open top and compactor containers to disposal sites, transfer or recycle facilities and customer locations.

Roll-Off Drivers will navigate driveways, alleyways, lots, high traffic roadways and may operate in tight overhead environments while on industrial routes. Highly skilled backing maneuvers are essential, to successfully perform this job.

A Roll Off Driver must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily.

Other minor duties may be assigned.

• Operates vehicle in accordance with Safety and Life Critical Rules. OSHA. (Occupational and Safety Health Act) and DOT (Department of Transportation) requirements as well as all local, municipal, state, and federal laws.

• Performs pre – and post-trip inspections of assigned equipment and documents checks on standard D.V.I.R. (Driver Vehicle Inspection Report.).

• Immediately reports any unsafe situations or service related issues to Route Manager or Dispatch.

• Attends and participates in all scheduled training programs, briefings, and meetings required by Waste Management or Route Manager.

• Works closely with Route Managers to improve route efficiencies and identify best practices.

• Notifies Route Manager of any incidents, accidents, injures, or property damage

• Notifies Route Manager or Dispatch of service interruptions, including blocked containers, closed lots, street, alleyways or potential safety hazards. • Communicates customer requests to Route Manager or Dispatch.

• Identifies and reports all containers in need of repair or replacement

• Completes and submits customer tickets as required.

• Positions and / or returns container on the customer’s property in a manner that ensures lids and or doors are properly replaced, and do not block driveway entrances or traffic.

• Follows route assignments as directed and completes end of day documentation and the check out process.

• Performs all duties as scheduled by Route Manager or Dispatch and assisting other drivers as directed to meet customer needs. III. Supervisory Responsibilities This job has no supervisory duties.