Be Productive Tips

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make your bed as soon as you wake up


use three laundry baskets, whites, warm, cold

if you can? slight exercises, jumping jacks, crunches, bridges, squats, push-ups, calf raises, arm circles, leg raises, lunges, and planks

put important items in the same place every day, so you know where to find them

turn off distractions

don’t take your cell phone in the bathroom if you’re in a hurry

set priorities

eat a healthy breakfast

drink water

batch process

take breaks

do the hardest task first

do the easiest tasks first

write it down

use note apps

use calendars

set alarms

set timers


say no

keep meetings to 6 minutes or 15

keep social events to 30 minutes

automate some tasks

quit multitasking

break big tasks into segments

if it takes a little, do it

use vision boards

don’t break the chain

reward yourself


know when to slow down and speed up

don’t major in minor things

drink coffee or wheatgrass

eat dark chocolate, if you can

set boundaries

use headphones

use melatonin to sleep better, if you can

declutter your life

have some deadlines

set little, medium, big goals

divide the year, week, month, quarter, half, three-quarters, year

  • An active listener puts away distractions such as laptop or cell phone, and maintains eye contact with the speaker.
  • Studies have found that high stress levels at work lead to less productivity, lower engagement, and higher numbers of absenteeism – another reason to keep your stress levels in check especially in the work place.

– The Mindful Tech Team

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