Benefits Of

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drink with self control


pint plus

unless your allergic

don’t know which beer

may help protect your heart

may help prevent kidney stones

may lower bad cholesterol

may strengthen bones

may help reduce stress

may help improve memory

may help cognitive function

beer provides cardiovascular benefits

may increase good cholesterol

may reduce the risk of heart attack

may prevent blood clots

may increase insulin sensitivity

may reduce the risk of diabetes

beer is full of carbohydrates and fiber

soluble fiber lowers cholesterol

the silicon in certain grains can help improve bone strength

water in beer can lower the risk of kidney stones

may lower the risk of bladder cancer

yeast offers protein

offers a small amount of Vitamins B

offers potassium

may support your immune system

may protect against some forms of cancer

hops offer some benefits of antioxidants when in big quantity

may prevent alzheimer’s disease

may treat dandruff

may prevent anemia

may improve skin health

aids in digestion

promotes urination

may reduce stress and insomnia

may prevent dementia in older women

may lower the risk of developing asthma

some women may get stronger bones

two to four beers a week may reduce the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis

one beer a day may be helpful

three pints a week may help protect against ulcers caused by H.pylori infection

may guard against stroke

may help brain health

may lower blood pressure

may increase your life

may boost vitamin levels

may delay aging

may make you happy

beer rich in polyphenols is heart healthy


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