choose a close campsite

stay close to home in the beginning

get the right tent for you

practice setting up the tent

practice taking down the tent

get sleeping bags

get the right accessories

list what you have

list what you need

practice camping

level surface

if windy? back to the wind

know the menu

hot or cold

can fires be lit

charcoal, propane, or none

is there showers nearby

is there restrooms nearby

is there restaurants nearby

first aid kit

mosquito repellent

sun screen

is there wild life?

camping apps

air mattress or thermarest



weather appropiate clothing

solar power cell phone charger


matches and flint

folding shovel

small sledge hammer

flat head screwdriver

learn camping etiquette


Roller Coasters

                                5 Theme Parks for Roller Coaster Fanatics in the United States

Roller coasters have been thrilling and captivating audiences since they were first created at the end of the 19th century. Thrill seekers are in love with the pure terror, yet exuberating experience a roller coaster brings. This is a list of 5 theme parks in the United States that have an amazing number of roller coasters.

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Six Flags Magic Mountain is a theme park located in Santa Clarita, California, 35 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles. It opened in 1971, and has been delivering the punch of thrill for amusement park attendees since. There are currently 19 roller coasters in Six Flags Magic Mountain, most of which are top notch rides for roller coaster fanatics. One of the most famous rides at Six Flags Magic Mountain is Tatsu. Tatsu is the tallest, fastest, and longest flying roller coaster in the world. The roller coasters at Six Flags Magic Mountain have been extremely innovative and appealing over the years, which has made Six Flags Magic Mountain one of the highest attended theme parks.


Carowinds is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Carowinds opened in 1973, and has a total of 13 roller coasters today, 2 of which are a part of the top 10 tallest roller coasters in the world. If you’re looking for terrifyingly tall roller coasters, then Carowinds is definitely a must for you. However, just like all the theme parks on this list, Carowinds has a wide range of rides to pick from.


Hersheypark is located in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. Although Hersheypark opened in 1906, they didn’t have a roller coaster until 1923. Besides Hersheypark being known for its chocolate theme, and attraction, the theme park has a lot of top-notch roller coasters. There are currently 11 roller coasters at Hersheypark, and since the park has been highlighted as one of the best theme parks in the country, it’ll continue to grow and expand with amazing rides.

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is located in Tampa, Florida. It opened in 1959. The theme park is not only known for having animal exhibits, and attractions, but for having 6 amazing roller coasters. The top of the list being Sheikra. Sheikra is a jaw-dropping roller coaster that is the first of its kind. The dive coaster is a must-see for any roller coaster fanatic.

Cedar Point

Cedar Point is located in Sandusky, Ohio. Having opened in 1870, Cedar Point is the 2nd oldest operating theme park in the United States. Cedar Point is known to have an extremely wide range of roller coasters for any thrill seeker. The Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point is only 17 seconds long, but the roller coaster has been attracting massive lines of people who are brave enough to try the ride. There are 17 roller coasters at Cedar Point, all of which are listed as some of the best in the country.

Roller coasters will continue to push the limit on thrill, and will forever attract roller coaster fanatics for the rest of time.


Suitcase Runaway.


Had A Wonderful Trip To Malibu Beach

Prepped the supplies.

We went in a Ford RV.

Four of us.

Nice RV, unfortunately, it drove like a boat.

It was tiring keeping it in the center of our lane.

Found out, RV’s use a lot of gas, I wonder if diesel is better?

It was somewhat noisy?

We’re from Arizona, the Phoenix area.

We topped off the Ford and headed to Cali. Via I-10

Stopped in Quartzsite, Az looked a bit, pit stop, fueled up.

Continued west.

Our next stop was at a Chevron gas station next to, The General George S. Patton Memorial Museum, in Chiriaco Summit, California. The gas station has no restrooms. For that, you have to walk across into a cute restaurant, that we would’ve liked to have been able to eat there, but had to stay on route and deadline, chucks. Again, fueled up, since we quickly found out that this RV was not economical and we didn’t want to run out of gas, being RV rookies.

We continued toward the ocean. Our next stop was at the dinosaur place. We had just seen the famous white windmill farms next to the I-10. Cabazon Dinosaurs was closed for us, but it was cool to see the giants. Maybe a fun place during open hours.

I know we stopped somewhere else before Malibu, but I can’t remember. After forgotten place, we arrived at Malibu R.V. Park.

Jerusalem Chricket

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