January  garnet  carnation / snowdrop

February  amethyst  violet / primrose

March  aquamarine  jonquil / daffodil

April  diamond  sweet pea / daisy

May  emerald  lily of the valley / hawthorn

June  pearl  rose / honeysuckle

July  ruby  larkspur / water lily

August  peridot  poppy / gladiola

September  sapphire  aster / morning glory

October  opal / tourmaline  calendula / cosmos

November  topaz / citrine  chrysanthemum

December  turquoise / zircon  narcissus / holly


first year paper

2nd china

3rd glass

4th appliances

5th silverware

6th wood

7th desk sets

8th linens

9th leather

10th diamond jewelry

11th fashion jewelry

12th pearls

13th textiles

14th gold jewelry

15th watches

20th platinum

25th silver

30th diamond

35th jade

40th ruby

45th sapphire

50th gold

55th emerald

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