Some Reasons For Not Losing Fat


sedentary lifestyle – gotta get moving - i am FIT. i am A1.

liquid calories – watch your calories

New Age Beverages

weekend binging – you must be consistent on nutrition

underestimating nut butters – check labels

Noni NewAge

underestimating nuts & seeds – research their bio

not counting oil – oils are different

Publisher Clearing House

Daily Workouts

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Some workout program schedules

Mon work

Tues rest

Wed work

Thur rest

Fri work

Sat rest

Sun work

Monday thirty minutes full body

Tuesday thirty to sixty minutes cardio

Wednesday thirty minutes full body

Thursday thirty minutes full body

Friday thirty to sixty minutes cardio

Saturday thirty minutes full body

Sunday thirty to sixty minutes cardio

Walk fifteen minutes

Walk thirty minutes

Walk forty-five minutes

Walk one hour

10 push ups

10 close grip push ups

10 wide grip push ups

10 reverse crunches

10 sit ups

10 crunches

10 cross crunches

30 sec elbow plank

As many sets as you want/can

Rest up to 2 minutes