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The dead-lift is a weight training exercise where a barbell with weights or without, or dumbbells are lifted from the floor to the hip area, held for a few seconds. […]


Exercise is essential for a healthy lifestyle. It helps in curbing your appetite and in maintaining a healthy weight. It builds strength, prevents health issues, promotes energy and reduces stress. […]


A few tips to learning a new home neighborhood Moving into a new neighborhood. It may be jarring emotionally. You have to pack everything into boxes and convince your brain […]


over head press face pulls dumbbell lateral raises arnold press reverse pec deck cable lateral raises front raises bent over flyes upright rows BUILDING INFRASTRUCTURE weeks one & two twice […]


decline leg raises & scissors 3×15 v-sit bicycles 3×20 secs incline boxing sit-ups 3×20 pilates 100 2×100 alternating leg raises 3×20 tuck ins to leg extensions 3×12 alternating toe touches […]

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