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alternating band jumps 4 x 20 banded pistol squats 4 x 10 alternating squat taps 4 x 30 seconds bodyweight squats sl glute bridge affiliate squat jumps lunges bulgarian split […]

Ab Exercises

Create a workout with the time you have. high crunches – thirty seconds knee in twists – thirty seconds star plank – sixty seconds crunch kicks – thirty seconds side […]

bench press


One hundred jumping jacks Thirty body-weight bench presses One hundred jumping jacks Twenty body-weight presses One hundred jumping jacks Ten body-weight bench presses One hundred & twenty jump rope skips […]

10 lbs

If you can do this workout everyday? You might be able to lose ten pounds. You might have to watch what you eat? one hundred crunches ninety jumping jacks eighty […]

States And Their Capitals

Washington Olympia Oregon Salem California Sacramento affiliate Mini Portable Projector Alaska Juneau Hawaii Honolulu affiliate Dancing Little Robot Arizona Phoenix Nevada Carson City Idaho Boise Montana Helena affiliate Headphones Wyoming […]

Watch “130” on YouTube

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Upper Body Strength Workout

5×15 push ups 30 shoulder taps 20 push ups 10 push ups 2×20 shoulder taps 2×15 count plank hold 2×10 plank rotations 30 plank side crunches 2×20 punches 4×30 punches […]

Before Bed

Or after waking up. Or during lunch break. affiliate affiliate affiliate Aaptiv link affiliate Adrenaline link dump trailer for rent. Marcos. 623.986.0123. Buckeye, AZ affiliate 360Training […]