Weight Plates No Barbell Take Your Pick Exercises

*Plate Push Ups

* Plate Bridge Press *Plate Farmers Carries *Extended Range Of Motion Lunge

*Russian Twist And Press

*Impossible Plank *Bridge Pull Over *Plate 8’s

*Reverse Lunge Press Out

*Trap Raises

*Plate Hyper

*Plate Drag In & Push Out

*Wood Chop



*Front Shoulder Raise *Truck Driver

*Pick Up

*Squat Reach

*Squat Curl

*Squat Press

*Retracted Squat *Thruster

*Hammer Curl *Overhead Triceps Extension

*Overhead Walking Lunge

*Bent Over Row



*Triple Crush

*Plate Jack Press

*Single Leg Reach *Standing Twist *Shouldering *Overhead Carry *Reverse Lunge & Twist *Side Bend


*Pinch & Grip Row

*Sit Up

*Russian Twist

*Pinch Grip & Carry *Incline Plate Squeeze *Pinch Grip Press *Lying Decline Press *Extended Range Of Motion Push Up

*Plate Squeeze *Extended Range Of Motion Sumo Deadlift *Chest Squeeze Press *Lying Press

*Front Raise

*Lateral Raise

*Reverse Fly

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